Media Design & Production

Media Design & Production

• Audiovisual Co-ordination:
Government Department (Safety information propaganda/ Project theme music)
Educational Organization (School song reorganization/ Digital processing/ Technique support)
Charity (Caring workshop sound track : Elderly/ Teenager/ Child )
Wedding Photo-Shooting and Recording (Local and foreign)

• Audiovisual Post-Media-Production:
Audio clip & Digital repair
Video Clip & Visual effect
Advertisement video & Feature video

• Features Video Production:
Animation & CG
Micro film & MTV production

• HD Recording & Live Feed:
Business banquets
Web meeting
Live director &Video-monitoring system

• Aerial Photography (Outdoor):
Commercial events / Carnival / Government-propaganda etc.
Plan a safety route for outdoor sports team
Record and play back outdoor wedding video in a day
Keep track of the safe distance of construction site
Private guess/ organization party